Expatriates & English-speaking Clients

Regardless of whether you have just arrived in Germany, or already live here, we will be happy to advise you entirely in English and assist you in fulfilling you tax obligations. 

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and virtual organization, collaboration is location-independent and largely paperless. Our office can be reached at any time via cell phone, tablet and computer. Time-consuming on-site appointments are no longer necessary.

Our clients are supported with qualified and individual assistance in tax and business matters. We will gladly inform you about our services in a free and non-binding initial consultation.


The focus of our work is the individual advice of our clients, tailored to their needs and at eye level. Our cooperation is digital and uncomplicated. We offer flexible and location-independent consultation by telephone or video call.

We provide our international clients with a wide range of services, such as:

  • Tax advice before moving to Germany, during the stay and after moving back.
  • Preparation of the German income tax return in compliance with the applicable double taxation treaties.
  • Advice and support in registering a business or liberal professional activity.
  • Accounting for self-employed persons and liberal professions.
  • Preparation of profit and loss statements, VAT returns and trade tax returns for self-employed persons and liberal professions.
  • Carrying out all correspondence with the tax authorities and clarifying the facts in English.
  • General tax advice on the particularities of German tax law, e.g. inheritance tax, taxation of capital gains, real estate transfer tax.

MyDATEV (private individuals) or DATEV Unternehmen Online (self-employed persons and liberal professions) is used to exchange documents. This allows them to be transmitted securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. The upload is possible via the web browser or your smartphone. Wherever it is legally possible and appears sensible, paper is avoided. This protects the environment, streamlines processes and accelerates workflows.


The remuneration of tax advisors is based on the statutory Tax Advisor Remuneration Ordinance (StBVV). We will gladly inform you about the details in a personal conversation.