Expatriates often deal with complex tax rules and regulations in different countries, making it difficult to understand and comply with their own tax obligations. Expatriate tax advice can provide valuable assistance in getting tax matters in order and minimizing associated risks and managing tax matters based on your individual circumstances, particularly with respect to global taxation, tax equalization, deductions, exemptions and double tax treaty applicability.


Tax advice for businesses is an important part of business success. It is of great importance for entrepreneurs to keep their tax affairs in order, not only to fulfill their tax obligations, but also to take advantage of tax benefits and savings. Qualified tax advice for businesses can provide valuable support in this regard, enabling you to manage your tax affairs effectively and efficiently.

Freelancers (Liberal Professions)

Tax advisory for freelancers can be helpful in many areas, including the preparation of tax returns, accounting and annual financial statements, as well as the optimization of tax payments and the development of tax strategies. By providing individualized advice, expert tax advice can also assist in meeting tax requirements and minimizing tax risks. In addition, tax advice can also be helpful in supporting tax audits or tax inquiries from authorities.